Why Do Only Some Muslim Women Wear Hijab

Why Do Only Some Muslim Women Wear Hijabs

When you suppose of a Muslim woman, you probably think about a lady sporting a headscarf. There’s nothing incorrect with that and it’s solely herbal to suppose so due to the fact that carrying a head covering is the phase of what Islam asks Muslim girls to do. However, it is some distance from authentic that each and every Muslim girl wears a headscarf. You may additionally have even encountered a girl you’ve recognized for a whilst and had been amazed to study that she used to be a Muslim due to the fact she doesn’t put on a headscarf–that occurs to Muslims as well! Whether it is in the United States or in some other united states that have a majority Muslim population, you will come across many Muslim females who does now not put on a hijab. But why is this?

Modesty is One Aspect of Islam

Islam is very clear about its modesty requirements for its practitioners. It may additionally appear as although Islamic modesty solely goes as a way as a person’s dress. That is untrue–Islamic thoughts of modesty lengthen nicely past gown to consist of actions, speech, and behavior. This is why you may also have heard of, for example, a Muslim colleague declining to shake palms with any person of the contrary gender.

However, modesty, and modest apparel specifically, are no longer the totality of a Muslim woman’s faith. Check out Prophet Muhammad’s, peace be upon him, full assertion in regards to modesty being a department of faith:

“Faith has over seventy branches or over sixty branches, the most wonderful of which is the assertion that there is no god however Allah, and the humblest of which is the elimination of [something harmful] from a path: and modesty is the department of faith.”

He preaches about how a Muslim’s trust is like a tree that has many branches. Although modesty is one, it is now not the most necessary nor the end-all-be-all of a Muslim’s faith. Therefore, hijab is simply one component of a Muslim woman’s faith—not the totality of it. Being a Muslim entails a total set of beliefs and practices and though carrying a hijab can be a very effortless way to spot a Muslim woman, it is no longer the solely nor the most integral factor of her faith. What without a doubt makes a man or woman a Muslim? Believing in six essential beliefs as properly as following the 5 pillars of Islam.

What Islam Says Versus What Muslims Do

Just like in many other faiths, you’ll discover Muslims who exercise Islam to various degrees. A picking-and-choosing method for the obligatory practices required of Muslims is now not some thing Muslims need to be doing, however there will inevitably be humans who fall into this. All Muslims have various connections and commitments to their beliefs and spiritual practices–those editions do no longer replicate what Islam asks Muslims to do.

If you’re wondering–but why would some Muslim girls definitely pick to no longer put on the hijab?
One of the motives is misinformation about the compulsion for girls to put on it in the first place. Sometimes what Muslims recognize or study about Islam, even from different well-meaning Muslims, is now not correct to what Islam absolutely teaches. In my personal case, I didn’t be aware of that carrying hijab was once obligatory for ladies till I was once sixteen years old–and I had been going to the mosque for Sunday School, studying how to examine the Quran in Arabic, and going to casual Quran learn about circles with my household for the reason that I used to be a child.

Another motive why some Muslim female don’t put on hijab is due to their private connection with Islam and Allah, in different words, their universal non secular state. Depending on how dedicated an man or woman is to growing their religious connection to their faith, some Muslims may additionally have a weaker or superior degree of belief in contrast to different Muslims. This is now not to say that all girls who do no longer put on hijab have a weaker religious state, some may also certainly have sturdy religious connections, however it is a cause why some girls do not.

Can a Woman be a Good Muslim if She Doesn’t Wear Hijab

And let’s speak about the elephant in the room–can a Muslim girl be a desirable Muslim if she doesn’t put on a hijab? The solely One in the role to decide this is Allah on account that God is All-Knowing and Ever Watchful in the Islamic tradition. Hijab is a required act of devotion for Muslim women, however there are many different acts of devotion that are additionally obligatory or voluntary that Muslim girls can also be enticing in that have an effect on how right of a Muslim they are. On a private level, some of my pals and household contributors who don’t put on hijab outstrip me by using leaps and bounds when it comes to being beneficiant with giving charity or serving others with acts of kindness or having true character. However, this does now not take away from the significance of the requirement of hijab. Ideally, Muslim guys and girls attempt to fulfill all their non secular duties and consistently enhance themselves, and God is the Best One to judge.

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